Monday, October 28, 2013

New Shirts on Wednesday Bring Money!

Hey Gang...
   Unless something beyond my control happens, we'll have our new shirts this Wednesday, Oct. 30. You must pay for your shirt to receive it. Make checks payable to Emmanuel Baptist Church and write "Next Level Shirt" on the memo line. You need $15.00 and please don't count on me having change. I might, but don't count on it.
     Right now, I need money from Thomas, Jacob, Jonathan, Shoshi, Meagan, Bethie, Kat, J.B. Henry, Justin, Ethan, Noelle, Nick, Hannah W., Christian, Raeshanna, and Calvin.
   We'll have them just in time to wear them on Shirt night, November 6.

Thanks a bunch

Fearless Leader

Fall Festival is a Success!

  We all join in thanking God for answering our prayers for more children and more workers. Parents, church members and even community members gave of their time to make this the biggest, safest, most fun-filled festival yet. We thank you parents for the pies, the station work, and the security. We thank you Levelheads for your patience and enthusiasm with the kids. I thank Chere for her handling of the difficult task of candy set-up and prize management. Even Andrew was counting tickets. Wow.
     We saw 119 children and their parents and more than 60 were not our own kids! That means our outreach increased by 33 %. Though Spirit 95 ads were responsible for bringing some in (according to registration cards), the majority said they were invited by friends and church members. We certainly appreciate it. We gave away about 120 lbs of candy with 100 lbs being donated by our church members (thanks!). The community members I spoke with were impressed with the quality and the organization. Security guards by every entrance and working the parking lot (along with Sheriff's deputy drive-throughs) made our event safe and secure. Officer Chris, our security chief, went above and beyond to make sure the Orange Shirts were trained, informed, and visible.
     Seth and I will be looking over the plans and making improvements to make setup and tear-down more efficient. Orange Guy was great and the kids loved him ( a few were a little weirded out, but hey, that happens to Mickey Mouse). Again thanks to everyone who made it happen, but especially our Lord who blessed and had His hands all over it.

In Christ

Fearless Leader

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Publicity Romp tonight! Parent vans needed.

Hey Levelheads!
   Did you remember to ask your parents if they could drive a van or car to deliver door hangers? This is an important part of our publicity. Send me an e-mail if your parents can help. Make sure you wear appropriate clothes for running from house to house. Wear good running shoes and also it will be a little chilly as it gets darker. We will be racing the daylight!

See you later

Fearless Leader

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Festival Activities ramping up!

Hey Gang:
   We are here and it's time to start thinking about Fall Festival. Keep the candy coming and encourage others to do so too. Chere has ordered more prizes for the games and we even picked up a fun item or two for our games on Wednesday nights. Remember to keep October 24th open for set up. We'll have pizza and then work as long as you can ( I know it's a school night). I need plenty of parent help on the night of the festival. I need parents to work security and other odd jobs including working in booths. We are not as large a youth group as we were when we created this festival.
We will also need some of the following items

* A portable air compressor for balloon room balloons
* Balloons. We have ordered some. It's tough to say how many we'll need
* Pies. Do I need to say more? Pies!

I'll keep you informed about what we need as we go. Make sure you are free to help out on Oct. 25. We are already losing some to sporting events held that night (prior commitments). I am going to invite he Trek kids to help out also.