Friday, October 26, 2012

Tonight's the Night!

It's here! Fall Festival 2012!

I need all the helpers I can get. Please consider helping out if you haven't already. Many events this weekend have left us short-handed. If you folks don't mind coming without you, we could use them too. We need to arrive at five and take care of the final stuff. Please try to get here on time.

Fearless Leader

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Here's our Fall Festival Radio Spot!

Spirit 95 will be running these ads all week. Listen for 'em  :)

Fearless Leader

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Fest in One Week

Hey Gang:

Fall Festival is next week, Oct. 26, 2012.
 Friday night we're on. I hope you can come and help set up Thursday night so we can be ready to go Friday. We are scaling back print advertising because it has not been as effective as the radio ads. Pray that God will help us reach kids for Him this week.
   Wednesday we will be in full-on planning mode so be on time. Keep bringing your candy and plan on being at the church around 5:00 p.m. Friday. You may wear costumes as long as they are appropriate, non-violent and you can work in them. We'll need you to stay and help clean up as well. Make sure your folks know that so we can get it all together quickly.

   I am counting on your assistance. If your parents would like to lend a hand, I need people to work security, help Chere in the kitchen and, manage incidentals. We want kids to be blessed, entertained and safe.
   I know you will do a great job. We could still use a few packages of balloons and we need pies for a pie eating contest. We'll buy them if we have to, but if your folks (or you) like to bake, that's great.

Pray for success...

Fearless Leader

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Draft of Shirts. What do You think?

Here's a draft of what I'd like to do with the shirts. The multicolor would be really epensive so we would probably need to go monochrome. Respond with comments or e-mail me.

Fearless Leader

Thanks for A Great Job!

Hey Y'all:
   Looks like Next Level Sunday was a success. People had a good time and enjoyed the lunch. We are in debt to our parents who came through in the kitchen. Mr. and Mrs. Miller and Mrs Johnson (and her daughters) were lifesavers. The food was hot and ready to go and we had lots of people lined up. I estimate 150 or more joined us for dinner and the huge cake was gone at the end.
   Singing was great and the musicians sounded wonderful. The offering was taken well and sound and greeters did a great job. We had plenty of help with set up and tear-down and when I made it home I dropped and slept for two hours! Thanks so much.

   and now.....Fall Festival!

See you tomorrow..


Fearless Leader