Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pie in the Eye

I was looking through the fall festival stuff and I found this. Teens are hungry people.

Fearless Leader

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Can you come Wednesday or should we cancel?

Hey Gang:
Lots of people may be leaving town or just looking for a break Wednesday. I wondered if we need to cancel or if you would like to meet Wednesday. One suggestion was that we have a movie night and just chill or that we spend some time playing since the next day we are out of school Thursday. We rarely cancel and when we do, it's usually weather related. If however, your folks would like to have you home since AWANA won't be meeting, I understand. Please RSVP (better than you did for the Leaf Raking thing...ahem), so we can plan.

I love ya...
Fearless leader

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Leaf Raking Time!

I know this is sudden since we just finished Fall Festival, but last year we waited too long and the snow beat us. Can you come to my house next Saturday Nov. 5 for our leaf raking day. Peter has upgraded the zip line, and the leaves are stacking up heavier than ever. If you will bring a two-liter and something to pass, NLM will spring for the burgers and hot dogs. It has always been a good time, if the weather holds out. Perhaps we could make a fire. We'll see. Please respond if you could make it from 12-6 p.m. Saturday. If we can't we can't, but I'd be interested in seeing who is interested. Dust off that rake!
Fearless Leader

Austin tries the 'Dreaded Balut"

    Many people who visit the Philippines are told to eat balut. Obviously, the first thing one thinks is “what is it?”I will tell you what it is. Balut is a chicken egg which is in it’s later days of development. Thus meaning that you are eating an unborn chick. Better yet, that same chick would hatch 4-6 days later if you hadn’t eaten it. Sounds gross right? Well, I tried it. To be completely honest, I was scared! I had no idea what it would taste like! Would it be crunchy or soft? Feathery or smooth? After 5 dramatic minutes of trying to convince myself I wouldn’t die, I finally did it. It tasted like a normal egg! Still, I only ate one, mainly because I didn’t like seeing the chick inside. I don’t care how manly and tough you think you are, cuz man does it take guts!

"Wow. Suddenly school cafeteria food doesn't look that bad, eh Austin? Keep the updates coming. What are the chances we could SKYPE with you while you're there? You'll have to tell us how Hong Kong was! We love you man, and we'll be praying for you.
Fearless Leader

Katie at Mt. St. Helens

Hi everyone, about two weeks ago we went on our geology trip. We went to Mount St. Helens and went to many other geological sights. Last week we had a soteriology class, it wasn't hard but the teacher was always speaking in a monotone.  This past class, "Walk through the Old Testament," was lots of fun. It was interactive and gave hand motions for going through the Old Testament. This Saturday has been the first relaxing one in a while. Well, thats all I have to report right now talk to everyone later.

"Thanks Katie! It's great to see your studies are going well. Keep us up to date!"
Fearless Leader

God Blesses Fall Festival with More than 100

Thanks to everyone who heped out at this year's Fall festival. We saw more than 100 kids and 54 of them did not attend here! Demographic overviews show that kids came from all over. Some as far as Unionville and near Lake Monroe. We had a few glitches but nothin major. We had to go on a candy run (thanks, Mrs. W) near the end, a first.
   We will be talking about what we could do better and what we do well. In the meantime, thank God for his protection and provision. We will be following up Fall Festival visitors with a letter soon. Let's pray that we can reach many people for Christ through this activity.
Thanks for Candy everyone!

Fearless Leader

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Friday! Friday! Friday!

Hey y'all, as you can see by the countdown timer to the right, we're in the last week of prep for Fall Festival. We will be looking over our plan Wednesday and I HOPE WE WILL HAVE OUR SHIRTS! If your parents are planning to come and help, please have them contact me right away. We will be having pizza Thursday at 6:oo p.m. and then we will be working. Stay as late as you can, but we will have much to do.
   PARENTS working the security detail, please try to come at 7 p.m. in the Gem Finder's room for a security briefing. We would like you all to know what's going on before you show up Friday.
   We have someone who agreed to bake pies (Thanks!) and we will be playing some new games as well. We are looking forward to seeing what the Balloon Cube will look like. Should be a hoot. I still need a nhelium tank, balloons, balloons, balloons and Wednesday will be a last chance to bring in candy.
See you soon!
Hang in there!

Fearless Leader

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Seth needs service project help!

"Hello from the living room of Seth! As you may already know, all seniors must have a service project up and running soon and at the end of the year give a presentation. My service project requires a lot of people! What I do in my service project is organize teams of people to tackle various volunteer missions in the community. Now, you may ask yourself, "What do I do?" Well, you have to have people in order to make teams. What I need are people who are willing to get their hands dirty to further the cause of Christ. So here's what I need you to do. If you want to be a part of this project then please send an email to our Fearless Leader and he'll pass it on to me.As soon as we get enough people I'll start spreading the word that I've got some people who are ready to work. Be to our God! Forever and ever amen!"


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Not Your Average College Student the name of Austin M.'s blog. He is chronicling his time in the Philippines and the reading is interesting. I wanted to highlight one of our own heading out into ministry right after college. Here is his blog address..

Enjoy, and Pray for Austin.
Fearless Leader

Friday, September 30, 2011

Shirt orders must be In soon

Hey Gang!
   Shirt orders must be in by Wednesday if we want to have guaranteed delivery by Fall Festival. Our shirts will be $12.00 (add $2 for every "X" after XL). I would Also like to order "NEXT LEVEL PARENT" shirts if there's interest. Those shirts would be $10 (add $2 for every "X" after XL).
   I have your sizes, but I need your money by Wednesday, Oct. 5. Make checks payable to Emmanuel Baptist Church with "Next Level shirt" on the memo line. Sorry for the hurry, but we need these in time for Fall Festival. We probably won't be ordering again this year, so please get your money in by Wednesday.
Fearless Leader

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Okay! Ready for October?

Hey Gang:
   October is a crazy month for us. We will begin working on Fall Festival as soon as we meet again if not sooner. We need parents to drive vans for outreach October 12, during our normal time. We have a lot of ground to cover, and the more vans we have the better. We also need to start gathering candy and 12" balloons. The Factory Card Store store has good ones. We will be having some planning sessions and getting our ducks in a row.
   Also, I need parents. About 24 people for security and other grown-up type jobs. This year we'd like to hold an informational meeting for them before the event to make sure they know what to do when they arrive. Some jobs are, Prize Window, Sign-in and Sign out table, Door Security, Floor security. Parking Lot Security, and a large category we'll call "Available Manpower" (woman power? Person power?).
   Our top priority is safety, and security.
Parents are wierded out by Halloween more every year with questionable types walking the streets, tainted candy, bad weather and all. We offer a safe, fun, secure venue, excellent games, prizes, untainted candy, and a chance to hear a clear gospel message. We are fast becoming a "place-to-be" venue in our area. Parents of non-members who bring their children are giving us great reviews.
   Keep your eyes on the blog. If you are not a follower, sign up to be one. It automatically sends you an e-mail notification when I update the blog.
Love ya
Fearless Leader

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thanks everyone

   I want to thank everyone who helped make the service go smoothly today. I have heard much positive feedback. I hope you understand now the importance of service to your church body. Lots of people work hard behind the scenes for no pay or recognition to make sure everything comes together smoothly on Sunday morning. Today you were those people. I hope our behavior and labors glorified God and were a positive witness to people. Next up? Fall Festival and it's coming fast. Our candy bins will be out in a a week or two and we'll be doing a 1000-home outreach this year. See you Wednesday

    Love ya
   Fearless Leader

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Important Stuff to Remember

   Okay, okay! It's almost time. If you have a job Sunday morning, make sure you show up on time. We're counting on you. We need to be in our places with bright shiny faces:)
   Also, remember to ask your folks if they would like to donate to the radio ministry. If not, that's cool, but we need to let the guy at the station off the hook if we're not going to do it.
   Also also, we are 5-6 weeks out for the Fall Festival. Make sure you have Oct. 28 blocked out. Don't schedule anything for that date. We will also have a date here pretty soon for passing out fliers in the neighborhoods. We'll need vans, so if your parents would like to drive, let me know.
   Continue to pray for God's blessing on the service and pray for each other as we take on high and low profile jobs. We are having a problem with the projector that puts the words up in the back of the auditorium. Pray that we can get that squared away in time. The singers could really use that help!
   Keep praying

   Fearless Leader

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pray for me

Hey Gang:
   With all the hubbub of getting ready for Sunday, let's not forget that it is a service. I desperately need your prayers when I bring the Word Sunday morning. I haven't been in a Sunday morning pulpit since June of 2007. I am looking forward to it, but I am acutely aware of the implications of dividing the word in the presence of so many who know, and who do not know, the Lord.
    Let's remember that our service Sunday is not about us, but Jesus. We are privileged to do these small jobs in His name. Let's bring everything we have to whatever job we get. Pray for the singers who will be facing all 350 or so people and leading worship. They'll need courage, and focus. Pray for the ushers that they would be a positive witness and a welcoming spirit to those who visit as well as those who attend regularly . Pray for the greeters at the door, that they would be helpful guides to visitors and an excellent first impression of our family. Pray for the musicians; lots of pressure up there.
   Mostly, pray for the lost. If the Lord honors us with these special visitors, let us behave in such a way that they would be drawn through us as God draws them to Himself. What an honor to be a part of such a reconciliation.Pray for Peter as he organizes the music, and does so with the new distraction of a wonderful new baby. He's probably having trouble thnking about anything else besidse his beautiful little family! He loves the Lord, so I know he will do well.

See you tomorrow!
Fearless Leader

Monday, September 19, 2011

Katie's Update from the Wild, Wild West!

   This week was a lot of fun, it was our backpacking trip into the Tetons. We left very early Sunday morning and later on that afternoon we made our camp in the middle of the mountians. The next day we all hiked to Lake Solitude and all but four of us hiked up to Paint Brush Divide. Tt was beautiful up there. If you want to see a picture you can go to The link below this post. We got back on Tuesday and on Thursday we went on a day hike to Phelps Lake. and the rest of the week it rained so we didn't get to go on any more hikes. On Saturday we had a test on backpacking basics that you should know. I think most people did relatively well. There has been a bug thats been going around the campus please pray that everyone who is sick will get better and everyone who hasn't gotten sick won't.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Katherine has Arrived!

This morning Baby Katherine was born to Kim and Peter at 6:46 a.m. She was 7 lb. 7oz. and 20.5" long. Praise the Lord for a safe delivery and congratulations to Kim and Peter!

Fearless Leader

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Welcome New Levelheads!

I wanted to welcome you to the Levelhead database. I have updated the-mails and sent out a mass mail. If you did not get an e-mail Saturday or Sunday please contact me and I will get you in the database. Also, if your folks are not in the Next Level Parents database, I need their info too.
Fearless Leader

Monday, September 5, 2011

On the Level formatted for your Smart Phone

Hey Gang:
   On the Level is now formatted for your smart phone. When you log in from your iPhone, Droid or Blackberry, you can see a clearer, easier to navigate format. I hope that makes it a little more convenient for you.
In Christ
Fearless Leader

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Service Opportunities Abound

   Gene P. approached me today before morning worship service to ask if some of you would like to help serve at a leadership dinner. I told him you were very good at it and may be interested. Would you please let me know if you can help out? Remmeber this year our theme will be service. What a great opportunity to get off to a great start serving in this capacity.
   It is also great that many of you are already finding ways to serve. Caleb and Seth are in the sound booth, Amy and Zoe are playing their violins Sunday morning, Rachael, Katie, Grace, Christina, Hannah, Michaela, Anna, Summer, Olivia (did I miss anyone?) are all in the nursery. Many others are finding ways to help out as well. I'll ask again Wednesday. I'll get the particulars from Gene by then.

Thanks a lot!
Fearless Leader

Teen Service Scheduled!

Hey Gang:
   We will be conducting service September 25 from Greeting people, passing out bulletins and taking the offering, to leading music and bringing the message. It's all Next Level (and the regular musicians). I need to hear from people who would like to have a role in the service. I am taking care of the song leaders now, but I still need greeters, bulletin people, offering helpers, and anyone who would like to audition for special music. We have about two weeks, so let me know soon. I'm looking forward to this!

In Christ
Fearless Leader

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thanks for the STUFF

While I was away Wednesday, the gang stuffed about 25 backpacks for kids at local schools. I want to thank you for your hard work. This act of kindness will show our love to our local community and Jesus Christ will receive the glory for our efforts. I will be adding a note to the bags soon and we'll get them over to Clear Creek School. Pray that God will be glorified in this and that children will be reached for Christ. I'd also like to thank the members and parents who came through will school supplies for Next Level Ministries to make this project possible.
In Christ

Fearless Leader

Thursday, August 25, 2011

AWANA Leadership Training Saturday

Hey Gang:

Remember if you want to be a part of the leadership training opportunity Ken and Lana spoke to us about at Next Level, they need to know how many of you to expect. Please contact them (their number is in the directory. AWANA is a great program for kids and you could serve in that ministry as a mentor or helper to a younger person.

Thanks a mil

Fearless Leader

We Need Pencils and Rulers!

Hey Levelheads:

If you were at NLM Wednesday, you saw the 20 backpacks and the school supplies. We have lots of good stuff, but we need pencils and rulers so we can make sure every kid gets these items. If you can catch a good deal on them, could you grab a few? This Sunday will be the last Sunday to collect school supplies. Let's finish strong.

Fearless Leader

Youth Sunday Morning Service

Hey Gang:
Pastor Doug is "on board" with a September service conducted by Next Level Ministries. Since September 7 is our five-year anniversary, I'd like to do it in September. Available dates are the 18th and the 25th. Can we be ready?
Pray about it...

Fearless Leader

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Praying my way home

Hey Gang:

I was driving home and really began to feel the pull of the Spirit to pray for a friend of mine. The pull was so strong that I knew God wanted me to pray for her, so I did. As I began to ask God for patience, for healing, for mercy, and everything else I could think of, I began to understand how strong our connection to Him is. I believe he was listening to me as carefully as he was when I asked him to save me. Like the song says, I imagined him lifting his hands for silence as the angels became quiet and my prayers gushed into heaven, the Lord breathing them all in as I emptied my heart into his hands.

I felt the weakness of a child who reaches out to his folks knowing that if they say "no"he has no other recourse. I sensed the love and the joy that comes from knowing Him and I must have looked pretty strange to those who saw me at stop signs and red lights as I vocally called to him and asked, and reasoned, and wept.

Yes, wept.

I don't believe God is impressed by our fancy prayers, our big Bibles or our sterling accomplishments. I do believe that a heart emptying itself of the pride that would keep us from weeping or even begging Him for what we know only He can give, makes a space for Him to fill us and reassure us. Like my Dad's big hugs when I went away to college or returned home, prodigal that I was. Or my children who climb up into my lap and listen to my heartbeat while they hold on to me in the quiet of evening. I have experienced the Joy of the Lord a great deal this week. I have learned that little else matters. I have caught myself smiling and feeling those rushes of elation like I used to get when my dad took the hilly roads and we sailed over the tops and my insides laughed with joy. I go to WalMart and people I don't know make eye contact and smile at me or say hello as though they know me. They can see it too. From that far away, like Moses beneath the veil, they can see that I have been with the Lord.

I want you to stop what you're doing and think about the last time you felt the joy of the Lord that only comes from being in His will. The passion of singing to him and the sweetness of the tears that overflow from the happiness of being sure and secure and in love. Are you robbing yourself of the opportunities to commune with your Lord? Are you compartmentalizing your church life and your other life? Is God invited to your life? Is he at your table? In your studies, On your farm? With your family?

I know now what love is. I have known since the Lord made me whole. Here lately, I have been reminded that He is really always with me. When I cried out for my sister in Christ, He let me know, that everything wold be all right one way or another and that He loves me for who I am, especially when I love enough to put myself aside for another. He taught me that. May I never again forget it. I hope you had a good week. I want you to walk close to the Lord next week and see what He has to teach you.


Fearless Leader

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Your Witness Protection Program

Hey Gang:
Soon school will be in and our lives will get suddenly complicated again. Amid all the homework, sports, time with friends, etc. life could lose its focus. I want you to give some serious thought to your Witness Protection Program.
Lots of people are going to be vying for your attention and are hoping to get you man-centered again. Teachers will not mention the LORD in context of lessons where He clearly should be mentioned. Science teachers will tell your your great grandaddy was a slime mold, and the boyfriend-girlfriend thing threaten to take your eye off the ball.

I am praying for you.

Be strong in the Lord and be his witness and testimony in your school. Mention Him when appropriate, and shamelessly ally yourself with Him. You need not be combative or overbearing. God's most powerful weapon is love. Seek out the outcast, the downhearted and the lonely kids who fall in the cracks that look like canyons. Lift up their faces with your kind words, make light their burdens with your help and compassion, win them with the love of Christ.

I am praying for you.

Pray without ceasing. Ask God for everything and in everything. Ask him for forgiveness, strength, patience, and the ability to love the unlovable. Who can you think of that the cool train has left at the station? Who wanders in darkness and seeks a great light? You know that kid. You've seen that kid. I am here to tell you God is calling you to approach them and share His love. Are you afraid people will laugh at you? Do you fear your friends will turn away from you? Will you be Peter and say to the laughing masses that you don't know who Jesus is?

I am praying for you.

Make godly choices. How would you choose if Jesus were with you? Good news, He is. Do you need it? Will it glorify God? Will it damage your witness separating you from the fountainhead of His love and truth making you an unworthy vessel through whom He can flow? I love Him so much. I want to be a better servant. Do you crave this also? Your cravings are what define your relationship and your state of being. Each day I feel His urgency more and more. I challenge you and make you uncomfortable because I love you and I want you to experience the grace and the blessings of God. You are not too young to serve.

I am praying for you.

In Christ my Lord, my joy, my all,

Fearless Leader

Monday, August 8, 2011

Oops! Correction on Joseph's Birthday Party

Joseph's mom called to say she received incorrect information on Joseph's Bryan Park Pool bash. It's the 16th at 7:30 p.m. All Teens and their families are invited. The party will of course have to be cancelled if there's thunder and lightening and other scary stuff.

Let's celebrate Joseph at Bryan Park Pool!
Fearless Leader

Saturday, August 6, 2011

WGCL Proposition

Hey Folks:
WGCL has a proposition for us. They would like us to fill their "faith minute" time each day and have given us a great price. THe segment would be called "Your Faith at the Next Level" We would have to create 15 messages that were about a minute long and they would run three of them a day at random. The cost is a special deal so I won't put it out here on a public blog in respect to the station. Contact me if you want to know the rate.

The problem is that it's not in the budget. We would have to fund it ourselves through donations. If it doesn't bear any fruit in a minth or two, we would let it drop. What do you think?

Fearless Leader

Friday, August 5, 2011

"Love Them Back to School" Project

Hey Gang:

We will be sponsoring our "Love Them, Back to School" project this month. A flier will appear in the bulletin and we will begin collecting school supplies and backpacks for needy kids. I heard Old Navy had backpacks on sale for $7.00 and WalMart sometimes has cheap backpacks. Our announcement will also be on a slide in the sanctuary and on the Mission Screen in the lobby. If your folks are shopping for school supplies, please encourage them (and you too if you have some extra money) to grab some school supplies. We will get together and assemble what we get in donations and have the schools distribute them to their neediest kids. Here's a great chance to reach out in Jesus' name in a practical way and to invite the kids to church and AWANA.
Thanks for your help.

Fearless Leader

Mercy Me an Third Day at State Fair!

Hey Gang:
Long time no see. Kim reminded me that August 10, at the State Fair, Mercy Me and Third Day will be on stage at the Hoosier Lotto grandstand. Both are great Christian acts and ticjets run around $40. The Fair started today, so if you're up for tickets, check right away.

Fearless Leader

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Congratulations Seniors!

Congratulations to the class to 2011! They'll be hanging out with us for another summer, but this fall when we're celebrating our fifth anniversary they'll be hittin' the books. We'll still be meeting this summer so unless you hear otherwise we'll see you Wednesday at 6:45 p.m.

Fearless Leader