Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Festival Prep

Hey Gang:
I sent out an e-mail that you have, no-doubt, seen and I wanted to get the blog out too. We are hoping to get donations of physical items as well as monetary support from our church to help us with a lower budget number. The items we are requesting are

* Candy
(preferably without "Halloween-ie" labels,

* 10-12" balloons,

* A helium tank
(for the balloon archway)

* Gift certificates
for Frostys or McDonald's treats etc.

* Ads

$12-14 per 30-second spot on Spirit 95 We will also negotiate with
secular stations and let you know...

* Pizza
for the set up night

* Financial Consideration (money)

*24 Responsible good-looking Adults
Fortunately all our parents qualify. (security, registration, supervision)

We also will be skipping the on-site radio broadcast in lieu of advertising. We basically were paying $250 for ads and $250 for the broadcast. If we just purchase ads at the $12-14 rate, we can get sponsorships for a block of ads or just single ads.

We are hoping that folks who want to get involved will find one of these categories an agreeable way to participate. Speaking of participation, we also need at least 24 parents for registration and security. We will also need parents with vans to help out with our door-to-door outreach about two weeks prior (watch for dates!).

Keep your eyes on this blog in the coming weeks!

Fearless Leader