Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ashley's mom's blog

here is a link to Ashley's mom's blog:

Please keep this family in your prayers!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hey guys, I know a little girl who could really use your prayers. Her name is Ashley, she is five years old, and she is a transplant patient. She is going through severe rejection right now and might die. She has pulled through rejection before, but this is the worse it has ever been. She needs a miracle. Please pray for healing and for strength for her family. Thanks.

~Andrea B.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Next Level Girls three-peat

Hey Gang!
Rachael won "Best Camper" at Camp Good News this summer making it three Next Level girls in a row to win it! Two years ago it was Audrey , followed by Kayla ,and this year Rachael won it. Best camper is chosen by the counseling staff for excellent behavior, active participation, and a selfless attitude in putting others first throughout the week. We can't help but be a little proud of our gals from Emmanuel who know that sometimes the best Bible people read is their witness. Here's a little shot we took after the awards ceremony with Rachael, Kayla, Hannah and Sophie. Congratulations on successful camping for everyone who attended, including our Emmanuel volunteers in the kitchen (Emily P. and Audrey P.) and Olivia S. was a Counselor-in-Training this year.
I'm hearing good reports from Andrea M., Cade C. and Caleb K. about positive camp experiences at Spring Hill and Twin Lakes and next week I know of at least one heading out soon (Caroline M.) and we hope she has a blast as well. Y'all keep in touch.

Fearless Leader

Something to consider

Hey Gang:
Leadership has a proposal that could help us with our size problem once school starts again.
The plan would involve giving us the auditorium for Wednesday nights with the possibility of using the foyer area just outside the door.
We would have a more comfortable, cool, seating area, plenty of access to multimedia, and when guests come, we wouldn't need a shoe horn to get them into the room. Some downsides would include losing your "hang-out time" in the room upstairs as AWANA will be making use of the adjoining room. It could be a win-win for AWANA and Next Level Ministries. Pray about it. It seems to be up to us at this point.
Fearless Leader